Loud Voices Together Educational Advocacy Group

Client Testimonials

There are many of us who want to pick-up the mantle but we don't.  Then there's a Mrs. Ronnetta Stanley who stands up strong and acknowledges the heaviness of the weight and burden but is willing with a passion burning in her heart and pressing in her spirit to follow God and allow Him to guide her footsteps in doing the work that He has chosen for her.  We are so grateful that you chose to listen and follow the eternal burning spirit within your heart to help and educate those who need it.  

Let us start the thank you journey now and say THANK YOU for being that VOICE, guiding light, support, strength and courage to us.  We are in awe and so amazed at your knowledge and poise.  WE ARE SO GRATEFUL TO YOU!!!  THANK YOU, MRS. STANLEY!!!!  The journey continues towards a amazing direction because of you 😊!!!  We know there' s more work ahead but we wanted to give you some of your "flowers" now.

~The Wakefield Family

We contacted Loud Voices Together in January of 2017, after the recent placement of our daughter through adoption.  Not only were we overwhelmed as first-time parents to two tweens, but we soon found ourselves in the thick of IEPs and a school system we knew nothing about.  

Ms. Stanley and her team offered us a calming voice in the midst of chaos.  We knew immediately that we had someone walking with us and advocating just as hard for our child as we were.  Her knowledge of the system and a willingness to fight for what is right was so reassuring and refreshing.  We never felt alone in this process.    

The work that Ms. Stanley put into our case has forever changed the educational path of our child.  We now rest easy knowing that she has a brighter future in front of her - and that is only possible because of Lour Voices Together.      

 ~ The Blum Family 

 I am more than pleased to share my experience working with Mrs. Stanley.  My children can’t say “Thank you” enough to Mrs. Stanley for all your love, support, kindness, endless time and efforts.  We endured a lot during our education journey but and she has truly relieved stress not only from my children but also myself. 

Taking on and advocating for my children when her client load was already FULL, means the world to us.  I thank God for sending this “ANGEL” to us.  She jumped right in and started working immediately.  It is hard to find a person with her professionalism, work ethics, drive and dedication.  Mrs. Stanley provides services with excitement, positive energy and thrives for success to make a difference in children lives.  Our community is so blessed to have a woman with her Caliber!

I will continue to recommend her to as many families because I know she makes a “difference” in education for our children.

~The Brown Family 

I really appreciate everything you have done for my child.  You are truly an amazing Woman of God. May God continue to bless you and Loud Voices Together.

Thank you for everything you are doing, have done, and going to do for my child and all the other children you come across.  

~The Black Family

Mrs. Stanley has a passion to do what is required to afford all children with the tools, resources, support and appropriate settings necessary to enable them to reach their full potential and have a successful and happy future.

She does this with a sense of excitement while remaining very professional. I can't wait to recommend her to other families in need of these services as I am confident that they will find it very rewarding.                  

  ~The Scott Family

It is tough to find the perfect words to describe the genuine gratitude that my family feels toward Loud Voices Together.  Ms. Stanley and her team not only met our expectations, they well exceeded our expectations in a time frame we never thought imaginable and taught us so much valuable information. 

Loud Voices Together operates with organized precision, timeliness, assertiveness, professionalism and an intentional goal of success.  The focus is not solely on ensuring appropriate educational requirements are being met but also the individual person as a whole academically, emotionally, physically and socially. 

The team just genuinely cares and the passion for what they philosophy is evident in everything they do.  My family's gratitude is forever indebted to Loud Voices Together. 

Here's to ultimate academic success!

~ The Munford Family

We were blessed to cross paths with Loud Voices at a local TACA meeting.  Loud Voices was instrumental in helping us reach our  goals for improving our child’s educational experience.  If not for Mrs. Stanley’s encouragement, and guidance in navigating the confusion of the special education processes we would not have made the forward progress we have enjoyed so far.  Mrs. Stanley’s professionalism and knowledge helped get to the root of issues and reach resolution quickly.  After years of being obstructed by the system, we finally achieved in 4 months what seemed impossible over the last 4 years.  We are grateful for everything she has done for us, and we recommend her for anyone who is feeling disenfranchised by the special education system. 

~The O’Brien Family